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Animation – Sandra Clua

Direction – Kamala Devam 

Today’s worldwide pandemic is a direct consequence of humanity’s abuse of the natural world. We often forget how inextricably connected we are in many ways. One of these ways is through the mathematical phenomenon of the Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Sequence. From the flight path of butterflies, to the growth pattern of trees and flowers, to the very structure of our DNA and that of distant galaxies. The movement and music for KDC’s new piece Centrica uses this phenomenon as a inspiration for movement and human connection.


KDC Dancers:

Gabbie Cook

Thomasin Gülgeç 

Leah Wallings 
Moritz Zavan Stoeckle

Music: “Tide is Turning” by

Kris Bowers

from the Mrs. America soundtrack. 

Permission for music rights given by Hulu.

Kindly funded by